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A Closer Look: The Panasonic E30007 Real Pro Ultra Massage Chair

A quality massage chair is a boon to anyone with back pain, a stressful job, or just anyone who likes to be lulled into utter relaxation. The Panasonic E30007 is without a doubt the Cadillac of the Panasonic line of massage chairs. It's aesthetics are superb with durable synthetic leather finish and dark wood grain inserts on the hand rests. This massage chair has a wide array of features including: four different pre-programmed 15 minute massage modes, a 5 minute quick “refresher” massage, and a total of 36 airbags to name just a few.

The Panasonic E30007 is the flagship of the Panasonic massage chair line and it looks the part. With airbags stretching from the soles of the users feet all the way up to the shoulders and everywhere in between. Every user is sure to find it both relaxing and a complimentary piece of furniture. The durable synthetic leather exterior requires minimal maintenance, and features a matte black or chocolate brown finish to complement any décor. The arm rests feature an elegant black wood grain finish, setting off the dark synthetic leather perfectly.

This massage chair has a wide variety of modes. Four pre-programmed 15 minute massages are included. They are: Shiatsu, Swedish, Deep Tissue, and Arm & Leg Stretch massage. A quick five minute refresher massage mode is also available. If one of the included programs is not ideal for a user, the Panasonic E30007 includes a programmable massage feature which allows for any combination of the chairs functions, that's over 1117 possible combinations.

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